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Words and Wheels

31st August 2010

I’ve been away from the computer for the last few days.  Away from the computer, but not without my notebook.  I started writing the lines that make up this post while on the train to Glasgow on Thursday.  I like trains, and I love writing while in transit.  Something about the rhythm of the journey colours the words, knowing that that there will be some sort of evidence of change from beginning to end. I’ve loved notebooks for as long…

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The Hazel-Eyed Quite Nice Person

23rd August 2010

OK, I am going to admit something here.  When I was single, I was quite jealous of people in relationships.  Not bad relationships, because who has time for that?  But the good, solid, heart-melt relationships.  I have a boyfriend now, and he’s quite lovely.  So lovely in fact, that I would be jealous of myself if that were possible.  Even though it isn’t, I am a little bit.  I asked him if I could write this on here, and he…

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Ink from my notebook…

19th August 2010

I am restless.  Before sitting down to write this I played Mafia Wars three times, brushed my teeth twice, drank two cups of coffee, ate a bagel, turned on music, turned off the washing machine, did some laps around the house, thought of poems I’ve written about procrastination and wondered if this is another one, turned the music off and sat down to write this.   The above word-splurge is what happens when you can’t leave the house because you…

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True Confessions of a Book Addict

13th August 2010

When I started this blog, oh so long ago, I wanted to post every day.  At least until it became a habit.  But I have another habit.  No, it isn’t collecting job-application rejections.  It’s reading.  More specifically, it’s books.  Actual page-and-ink books.  I have a lot of them.  I try not to dog-ear the pages or crack the spines, but I read them.  Well, I’ve read most of the ones I have. When Borders was open, I practically lived there. …

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