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Back-seat Baking

Back-seat Baking: Adventures in Chocolate

29th November 2010

Remember when I said I didn’t bake?  Well, I’ve decided I’ll watch other people do it, and record the process/results.  I’ll call the series Back-seat Baking, and I thank Sarge for the name suggestion. And so. Sarge brought home a box of cookie mix and a bag of marshmallows yesterday. ‘Do you mind if I put these together?’ ‘Um, no.  Rocky Road!’ I asked if I could take notes on this experiment, and he said to scribble away. ‘OK.  Don’t…

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Life is Good

28th November 2010

  I’m sitting here in my pajamas and robe writing this in a notebook as Sarge makes us breakfast.  It is 3.30 and life is good. I’ve been thinking that thought since Thursday.  It’s been going through my head like a mantra.  I’m sitting here on Friday night eating Chinese food and watching The Golden Girls reruns.  And life is good.  We’re trudging through snow tracks on Saturday on the hunt for cake and hot chocolate, and life is good. …

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You Look Happy, Were You Drunk?

25th November 2010

The American in me wants to have pumpkin pie later on today and cold turkey sandwiches tomorrow. I am the kind of person who believes thanks aren’t just for Thanksgiving.  But in the spirit of the day, I’m going to share what I am thankful for this year. My list every year is quite simple.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy, and I’m appreciative of what I have every day of the year. That being said, these things…

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Gaviscon and Goth Nails

23rd November 2010

Stress gives me heartburn.  Gulp-Gaviscon-and-belch heartburn.  I have decided I shouldn’t eat crisps and dip for dinner or look for a job after 8.00pm. I got another rejection yesterday.  I then asked my PA to polish my nails purple to cheer myself up.  It didn’t work.  Sarge came home for lunch and made me life-sucking -zombie coffee.  That worked.  I still cried, though.  And got unspeakably angry at grammatical errors on national websites.   I flapped around a bit saying, ‘People…

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