Month: January 2011

Shakespeare Is Overrated

Looking for work is my job these days.  If I’m not searching online/offline for vacancies, I’m sending out speculative letters with a copy of my CV, or writing about doing such things.  On Fridays, I go to a job club, which involves sitting around and eating biscuits with other unemployed people. We talk about goal-setting, and confidence-building and what’s been on television. Now, I have goals.  And confidence.   I think big.  And outside the box.  I even think outside the big box. My issue is getting my foot (and my wheels) in the door.  Preferably one with nice people and a job that lets me use my brain on the other side of said door. But I like Fridays.  There is focus and free biscuits and the chance that more doors may open. There is also the chance to re-do the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator questionnaire.  I can officially add ‘consistent’ to my list of positive traits.  I got the same score as last time I took it, years ago.  I’m an INFJ.  I should be a writer.  Other INFJs include Shakespeare, Billy Crystal and Eleanor Roosevelt. I always thought Shakespeare was overrated.  Maybe because we have the same personality type. (Please note, I am not comparing myself to Shakespeare.  But the computer did.) What’s your type?  Find out here. If you’re an INFJ, perhaps we should get together for...

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Sunday Song: The Trolley Song

This one goes out to the happy, tipsy, singing sixty-somethings on the bus this evening.  And to all of you…     If you enjoyed this post, please consider voting for Gin & Lemonade in the Best Overall Blogger category at the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards here. Much appreciated, thank you!...

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100 Books Or Bust: 70 Minutes

In the time it took Sarge to read one chapter of Ulysses, I started and finished I Was Amelia  Earhart, recommended by DB over at Getting in Touch with my Inner Basket Case. This book was a blink.  A very poetic blink.  I wanted it to be longer, but I realise now the length was perfect for the story, the moments. It reminded me of any books read in any year of High School English.  This is part of its charm. I would recommend it for anyone who likes adventure, dreams and quick reads. So far: 1.       Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire – Best one of the series so far. 2.       The Lacuna – Best one of the year for me, so far. 3.       The Slap – This one didn’t piss me off as much as I thought it would.  Still not very good.  Weak review, coming from me.  But that’s all I can say. 4.       A Very Private Gentleman – I loved this one.  Made me want to go back to Italy.  And back to the bookstore to get the copy of this book that doesn’t have George Clooney’s face on it.  Nothing wrong with his face, I just think movie tie-in covers don’t leave enough to the imagination. 5.       I Was Amelia Earhart – Dreamy.  Although the fact I read it right before going to...

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Where Sweaters Go To Die

A few months after I got my favourite pen, my Dad packed it and the rest of my life into the car and drove me down to University.  As The Dixie Chicks blasted out of the speakers and through the open windows, I was as excited as I’d ever been up to that point in my life.  Scared shitless, but excited. Pretty much ever since then, I’ve employed Personal Assistants to help me do any of the stuff that can be done while I still have bed-head.  And then they help me tame the bed-head. I’ve never had a fundamental problem with paying people to help me do things; it is a fact of my life.  And it helps me live it.  Some of my PAs have ended up friends after we stopped working together.  I wouldn’t have met these wonderful people if I hadn’t had to hire them first. I do have an issue with the fact with every house-move I’ve made my hours/funding has been cut.  I will still have bed-head, whether I wake up in Glasgow or Edinburgh.  No matter where I am, I will always need help in the shower, will always poke myself in the eye while putting mascara on.  And really, who wants to do that?  My mascara would last a lot longer if Social Work Departments/Councils would let me keep all my...

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100 Books Or Bust: Words And Wisdom

‘I enjoy books.  No room is fit for occupation without a lining of books.  They contain the condensed experiences of humanity.  To live fully, one has to read widely.  I do not intend to face a man-eating lion in the African veld, fall from an aircraft into the Arabian Sea, soar through outer space or march with the legions of Rome against Gaul or Carthage, yet books can take me to these places, to these predicaments.’ — A Very Private Gentleman (filmed as The American), Martin Booth When I was a kid and would announce to anyone who would listen that I was bored, my Nana would say, ‘Go read a book!’  So I did. You should, too.   If you enjoyed this post, please consider voting for Gin & Lemonade in the Best Overall Blogger category at the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards here. Much appreciated, thank you!...

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