Month: March 2011

Who Dat?

This arrived today!  Perhaps because the story behind it was Freshly Pressed!  Thank you, WordPress and everyone who wished my passport safe travels! And the photo looks less like Marlon Brando than originally...

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Nine To Thirty

There are nine days until my 30th birthday.  In light of these single digit days, I have revamped my 29 list: Call Embassy if passport doesn’t appear. Write blog posts that aren’t lists. Outline new projects. Read my 20th book of the year, and possibly more. Pop my ear.  My cold from last week has moved into my right ear.  Never has the phrase ‘blow it out your ear’ meant so much. Watch people bake Cakes for Japan, Edinburgh – Tsunami Appeal...

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Dude, Where’s My Passport?

A few weeks ago, Sarge and I were at the post office before most people are awake on a Saturday morning. ‘Nobody’s here,’ he said. ‘Everyone’s in bed.  It’s 9.03 in the morning.’ We were dropping off my passport renewal form before boarding a train to Glasgow for the weekend. I checked the envelope for the thousandth time. ‘I forgot to cut and staple one of the two photos to the form,’ I was quoting the form.  The same form that rejected my first attempt at a photo, because my face was too big.  Yes, really. ‘The bottom of your chin to the top of your head (including hair) should not be less than 1 inch and not more than 1 3/8 inches.’  So says page 2 of the 4 pages of instructions that go along with the 2 page form. Did you know that 1 3/8 inches is the exact size of a standard heel on a shoe?  I know this because that’s how the woman who took the second photo measured my face.  With the heel of a shoe.  No, she didn’t take hers off, she had heels around.  It was a shoe/jewellery repair/passport photo shop, where I spent a lot of time making sure my face was just the right size. Back at the nearly deserted post office, Sarge cut and stapled and sealed before the...

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How To Have A Really Bad Cold

I’ve never been a good stuffed up person.  I’ve never liked taking naps, ask my parents.  The last time I slept during the during the day, I’d had all my wisdom teeth out the day before. Last week, my body was gearing up for my annual cold, and this week it has lashed out. While I had a towel over my head just above hot water this afternoon, I put together a list of things to do when you don’t do colds: 1. Have your partner/friends bring you cold medicine/cheesecake/tiramisu, without asking them. 2. Call your Dad and say: I have a code in my noeds, and laugh until you lose what little voice you have left. 3. Camp out on the couch, and pretend your Grandma is sitting on the other end of it and your Nana is making you chicken soup in your kitchen. 4. Ration your TV watching, but always make time to watch people yell at other people. 5. Put vanilla essence in your tea, and socks on your feet.  The uglier the better. 6. Listen to your go-to music (for me that would be country).  If you cry at the sad songs, blame the cold. 7. Read entire books in four-hour jags. 8. Look forward to times you won’t have a cold.  Do little things on your to-do list, so you don’t feel like...

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