Month: June 2011

20 Questions

Taking a break from the weekend fixture Magic Coffee, I thought I’d ask 20 Questions: 1.  Why do some people think that applying lots of fake tan improves the way they look?  I don’t know.  That’s why I’m asking. 2.  What was the last thing you accidentally left in your desk drawer at work?  A copy of The Bell Jar. 3.  What’s the last funny thing your partner said?  Not printable.  No, Sarge actually recently said, ‘Not printable.’  And I laughed.  This phrase is used for things he says I can’t blog about.  So I don’t. 4.  Have you ever read an entire book in one sitting?  Yes.  Several relatively short ones. 5.  Did you know that in order to get back to your natural hair colour after years of copious dye-jobs you have to get your hair dyed?  Yes, you do.  More than once. 6.  Are you good at keeping secrets?  Yes.  Room for improvement there though. 7.  What is your current I-actually-hate this-show-but-can’t-turn-away show?  Psychoville.  Sarge makes me watch it, but at least it’s not football. 8.  What is your current guilty pleasure?  Still a certain Facebook game that shall remain nameless.  It’s called Mafia Wars. 9.  Would you consider going to see the sequel without seeing the first film?  Usually not.  I did see The Hangover  Part II, on a whim, by myself.  A girl can...

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