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September 2011


Hemingway Lives!

7th September 2011

If you’ve been reading along, you’ll know about Coffeegate 2011.  You’ll also know that I call my computer Hemingway.  Turned out he did need a new keyboard.  Today, I came home to an undead Hemingway, complete with new keyboard and his own white chocolate cookies.  (Sarge says he has to share them with us, though.)   Hello.  What would you like to write today?  …

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My Boyfriend is Better Than Coffee

2nd September 2011

One of the questions I ask a prospective PA when I interview them is, ‘Are you a morning person?’ Because, well, because I am not. Like most people who are honest with themselves, I cannot speak without bumping into a cup of coffee in the morning. On days that aren’t weekends, there isn’t time to make zombie coffee using our Italian coffee machine, so I kid myself with the most drinkable instant I can find, or buy a coffee on…

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