Month: December 2011

Give Me Your Best Shot

And so, I’m back in front of Hemingway with a cup of coffee a safe distance away.  We got to Glasgow after dark on Christmas Eve, met with hugs and pretzels.  We then settled down to watch Bad Santa for the second time in 24 hours.  Followed by Mr Popper’s Penguins, during which I fell asleep.  Sarge still hasn’t forgiven me. The air-mattress was the same height as the couch.  I may have rolled from one to the other and continued to snore like a girl. Me getting up from an air-mattress is like something out of an I Love Lucy episode.  On Christmas day, Sarge was up first, and the see-saw action was just the momentum I needed. I may have cried at the end of Miracle on 34th Street, somewhere between pancakes and presents, and before Poker.  I may have cried at the end of the game, too.  Not  because I lost.  Because I got a little over-whelmed.  I do that.  It makes me frustratingly loveable. On Boxing Day, Sarge and I took a stroll to the coffee-shop where we ended our seven-hour first date.   Then we went to the pub, because the Ferris wheel was closed. We went home to left-overs and Home Alone.  I may have cried at the end. We left the next day, after planning our next trips. And today, I’m sitting here...

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It's Not About The Stuff

And so, I may be sitting here listening to music, getting ready to break open the Baileys and watch an episode of The Sopranos before we get the train to Glasgow tomorrow.  There was one last traipse around the mall today.  I came home with a headache and a realisation, as I do every year.  It’s not about the stuff.  I can’t wait to get where I’m going tomorrow, I need to give my Dad a hug, and laugh for a few days in a row.  I may cry, too.   But I’ll blame that on the Baileys. Have a great holiday, people.  I hope you are with the ones you love....

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A Writer Reads

I now write for the groovy Limebird Writers, and my first post as LimeBird Lorna is now live!  Go check it out here, or here:   I find inspiration everywhere, but sometimes I need a little push.  On slow days, I go to these books for a prompt, a spark, or some words on the craft:   The Writer’s Block – I truly love this thing.  We go back a long way and we’ve been through a lot.  This little book is coffee-stained, highlighted, dented and loved.   3 AM Epiphany – In my mind, this book makes you write outside the box.  Interesting prompts with word limits prove that less usually leads to more.   The Writer’s Idea Book – This book uses personal prompts and other prompts in order for you to get words on a page then re-write them.   The Art of Writing Fiction – This is a new one on me, but very useful.  My favourite at the moment.   So, those are on my writing shelf at home.  I also have a teeny tiny copy of Writing Down the Bones, but it’s too tiny to read, so I haven’t.  And while I did go through a morning pages phase, The Artist’s Way is not my favourite thing.   When I’m stalling, I also read my favourite authors, and I have a thing for...

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Must Shake Things Up

This was my do not want list for 2011.  Except for a few items, it worked.  So I’ve been thinking on another one. I won’t have time for the following things next year.  Because I’ll be having too much fun concentrating on other things.   Boredom.  I used to say that bored people weren’t creative enough.  And then I got over myself.  But boredom isn’t fun, and really isn’t productive.  And so, less of that.  I love my life, I just want to do more with it. Negativity.  Because No is not cool. Worry.  It’s a waste of time.  So don’t do it.  Life is good. Self-induced stress.  Snap out of it.  Burn some incense and chill the hell out. Unfinished books.  Mine and other people’s.  Read and write to done. Blank notebooks.  Fill every page with everything. Bad coffee.  Because I still don’t have the time. 2012 will be a year of adventure.  Of shaking things up and making stuff happen.  Can’t wait! What’ s on your Do Not Want list for 2012?...

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Proof of Pumpkin

After Thanksgiving, I waxed nostalgic about canned pumpkin.  My friend who writes at Calypte’s Scanner Diary, told me where I might find some.  And today, Sarge comes home from Christmas shopping with two cans of this lovely stuff:   I like how the light is shining on the can.  As if it’s been sent by the Gods of Canned Pumpkin.  Or my...

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