Month: April 2012

15 Reasons Why Every Day Is World Penguin Day

Today is World Penguin Day. Sarge loves penguins.  If he had a spirit animal, a brother or a higher power, they would all be penguins.  They are all penguins. I have only just recently established that he loves me more than penguins.  Here are some reasons why that may be the greatest compliment I could ever receive. 15. When we first started dating, he gave me Death and the Penguin.  He called it Required Reading, and said if I didn’t like it; our relationship wouldn’t get very far.  I gave the book 5 stars. 14. Our travel mascot is called George Bailey-Penguin.  Sarge gave him to me for our first Christmas together, to ‘up your penguin/human ratio.’ 13. Our favourite ‘Christmas Elf’ is called MC Penguin, he raps. 12. For Sarge’s birthday, I adopted a penguin from Edinburgh Zoo.  It was like Christmas in March. 11. For another birthday, I got him a bottle of BrewDog’s Tactical Nuclear Penguin.  We haven’t opened it yet. 10. I proposed with pebbles. 9. We made a special trip to the zoo to notify the penguins of our engagement.  They approved. 8. He thinks our wedding registry should be at Penguin Corner. 7. He’s asked if we could rent a penguin to be in the wedding.  But not really, because people who kidnap penguins make him sad.  He does want our 3-foot plastic...

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How Are You Doing?

I recently read Fifteen Ways To Make Your Blog Irresistible over at Broadside. I have decided to take each of Caitlin’s points/questions and apply them to my own blog. Is your blog overly personal?  I don’t think so.  More personal than I originally had in mind, though.  Without navel-gazing, I would hope.  There is a difference between my blog and my journal.  When I first started, I envisaged a personal public blog, and I think I’m still there.  I planned to write from the perspective of a wheelchair-user who lives in a beautiful, and yet quite inaccessible city.  Because I am, and I do.  But my life is more than that, and so is this blog.  The desire to connect with all kinds of people is still there, though.  And always will be. Check your spelling, vocabulary and grammar. I always read a post and then I read it out loud before I hit ‘publish.’ Is this post really worth sharing?   What, you don’t want to see photos of my cat?  Or my coffee?  You don’t want to hear about my wedding plans?  Or how much I love Sarge? Sarge is only so-called on this blog, by the way.  I asked him if he wanted me to start using his off-line name and he said he prefers ‘Sarge’ to ‘Giant Nerd.’ You’re being read worldwide — be inclusive. As...

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Instant Coffee Tastes Like Mushrooms

I’ll repeat, instant coffee taste like mushrooms.  Fact.  That’s why, as I write this, there is a cup of zombie coffee by my side.  Anyway, these are, as ever, coffee-fuelled ramblings. And so, this week, I went out for more real coffee with a friend.  I discovered many things:  It’s OK that I can’t get through five pages of Saturday or Enduring Love.  It isn’t just me. Apparently, I can’t go five minutes without talking about THE WEDDING.  And that’s OK.  But somehow less universal an issue than the density of Ian McEwan’s prose. I’m going to be bold.  This post is not about THE WEDDING.  It’s not about the bike, either.  Or the shoes.  It’s about OTHER THINGS. I’ve been writing a lot.  My last piece was rejected.  I’ve been trying to find words for this.  It sucks.  That’s two words.  Empty gaping hole.  There’s three more.  In all seriousness, this last knock sent me into a darkened room.  Really.  That’s where Sarge found me when he got home from work.  I tried to switch the light on, though.  And then I threw up. And so, if I’m not talking about THE WEDDING, I’m talking about THE BIG FAT ‘NO’.  Or not talking about it.  I have since left the darkened room.  To watch Judge Judy.  Or The Sopranos.  Or this video.  Over and over. Getting back to...

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Wedding Planning With Skype

And so, my birthday dinner was also what we liked to call the In-laws Summit 2012.  (Trust me, I have done braver things.  Like eat cheese in the presence of my future husband.) In the spirit of togetherness, Sarge suggested we bring Hemingway to dinner so my mother could tune in via Skype.  We did not.  But it made me laugh thinking about it.  And Sarge got major points with Mom when I mentioned it to her.  She also thinks it’s a good idea for a Skype commercial.  (Contact me for my rates.  Ha!) While this post is not product-placement, I have been using Skype a lot more since The Engagement.  I showed my mother my ring by flashing it in front of the screen.  She then showed me her not-so new dog, Dolly.  Dolly spends her time eating socks and terrorising Mom’s other dog, Daisy.  But that may be another post.  One that I might call ‘Lorna Has Two Sisters’. My mother and I have another appointment while she knits a shawl that I may need to camouflage my football-player shoulders in what may turn out to be a strapless wedding dress. It was Skype and hot beverages on our respective continents  for a three hour conversation with a friend to discuss what she might sing at our reception.  And Benedict Cumberbatch. I also used a screen to...

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The Essentials

This is what my Sunday looks like.  Books, popcorn and bed.  Bliss.  (The coffee is just out of shot.) My book:  The Shape of Water (I have a new Cop-crush.) Sarge’s book:  The Body Snatchers (Which I must read at some point this month.  The book-group says so.) Back to it.  Happy weekend, all!     If you enjoyed this post, please consider voting for Gin & Lemonade in the Best Overall Blogger category at the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards here. Much appreciated, thank you!...

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