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How To Save Money For A Wedding

28th August 2012

As I write this, there are 290 days, 23 hours and 49 minutes to go until Sarge and I stick a hyphen between our last names.  Because this is an equal relationship. We have been ‘trying to save money for the wedding’ since we got engaged.  Having said that, Sarge recently admitted he’d been carrying around Frodo Bob Ring-Box since before we went to New York, so maybe he’s been saving longer than that. Without taking a screen-shot of the…

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On The Road: The Nerdy Backpackers

25th August 2012

‘We look like a couple of nerdy backpackers.’ ‘That’s because we are.’ On Monday, Sarge and I went to Newcastle (ish) to visit a friend of mine from University (the first one). She was the friend from this post and featured in the beginning of this one. Through no fault of our own we’d seen each other all of twice in five years. Before Monday, Em hadn’t met Sarge, and we are going on three. Because I don’t have a…

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The Oma Does Edinburgh

16th August 2012

You may remember that we have a house guest. We’ve taken him out with us almost everywhere since his arrival. Here is photographic evidence of The Oma’s adventures so far: Hugging some cider at Sofi’s: Offering me a rose. Possibly drunk here: Zombie coffee is good for hangovers: More coffee at Artisan Roast.  He appreciated the signage: Perusing Festival posters: And enroute to a bookshop. His hosts didn’t buy any books. He wanted some postcards. No such luck. In the…

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Humor Life Wedding Planning Writing

Those Fascinating Things

14th August 2012

Sarge and I sent a few overseas and faraway invitations on Saturday.  We went across the street to the post office, with me actually praying that I wouldn’t drop them. We arrived safely at the post office and with each PAR AVION stamp applied; I dug my nails deeper into his shirt.  This was not a metaphor for anything.  Or a comment on the fact that we are suddenly more engaged now than before.  I was just counting.  Really hard.…

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Two Years Of Shots

10th August 2012

Today is Gin & Lemonade’s second birthday.  My move from Glasgow to Edinburgh is not so recent any more and I no longer have a cat who thinks she’s a dog.  I don’t even have a boyfriend, because he’s now my fiance. A few days after I posted my first blog birthday post, I dumped some coffee on Hemingway and he left me.  And then he came back.  Since then things have gotten weird and more weird. While I’m still…

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