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Who Else Is Me?

16th November 2012

And so, (more than) a few days ago, I might have mentioned a new post tomorrow.  Tomorrow is today.  Since my last post, I’ve been trying to get myself a job.  And now I have one.  It’s a temp job, but it’s a mighty nifty one. I start on Monday.  The journey has been an interesting one.  On the day of my phone interview, I camped by the phone, practicing my phone voice by well, talking to myself. You know when you’re…

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Meet Truman

4th November 2012

In an update on Coffeegate 2012, say hello to Truman Bubbles: As you can see from the photo, Truman comes with a very safe, very wireless keyboard. (The marshmallow was consumed very soon after this photo was taken.  I was worried about sugar-damage.  ‘Have you learned nothing?’ I said to Sarge. Regular blogging will resume tomorrow.  Right now, I must type up the pages of my handwritten Nano novel . The name is in honour of Truman Capote.  The middle name suggested by…

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