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2012: The Books I Lived With This Year

30th December 2012

Goodreads says I’ve read 49 books this year.  That would be a painful number, if I wasn’t taking a reading break from the 5oth to share my top 10 for 2012, in some semblance of order: The Snow Child The History of Love The Panopticon The Story Sisters The Invisible Circus Dandelion Wine The Night Circus The Art of Fielding Where’d You Go, Bernadette? The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop   These are the books I lived with this year.  The ones I…

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2012: The Year That Was

22nd December 2012

I began 2012 feeling out of sorts. We came home from a party in the dark. Left the house for dinner the next day, in the dark. Mostly about why my left ring finger was still naked. Seriously, though. I felt bad that we slept through January 1st. As I sat backwards on the bus on the way the second party of the year, I vowed not to waste another day. By the end of that week, I’d written a…

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A Certain Rite of Passage

16th December 2012

Yesterday marked 6 months until the wedding.  Sarge and I celebrated by opening some sparkly from the engagement party and watching a double-bill of The Usual Suspects and Mixed Nuts.  Guess which one was my choice. And. We were also toasting the the fact that I quit my job on Friday.  Although I prefer the term ‘left voluntarily’.  See, the giant stresshead I mentioned in my last post kinda exploded. The first flowery boot dropped on Thursday night at a…

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7 Ways To Become A Cliche

10th December 2012

I think I might be one.  If you think you are too, here are the warning signs: Your job is all you can talk about.  Until you become a boring stresshead to your friends.  You know, the people who knew you before you got the job.  The people who know you are indeed American, but you haven’t really lived there for 17 years, so your Americaness is well, no BFD. You’re sitting in your jacket and scarf and boots.  With…

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