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It's The Little Things

31st January 2013

Some of you may remember I have a thing for beautiful and nostalgic short films. This is my new favourite: Imagine emails and 2,853 text messages flying around and you’ve got the first 5 months of Sarge and me. Complete with trains and shyness. And now I want paper airplanes at the wedding! What made you happy today?…

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I'd Take Them With Me

30th January 2013

Today’s Daily Prompt has me thinking.  What would I take with me?  In truth, I’ve thought about this a few times.  Mainly while waiting in the ‘safe place’ for a fireman to come up and tell me the fire is out.  Or there isn’t one. There isn’t much else to think about, sitting behind a fire door, when the ‘safe place’ doesn’t feel very safe. So, yeah.  I’ve thought about this question.  What would I take with me if my…

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15 Days

28th January 2013

It’s been 15 days since I’ve been outside and I’ve been ill for 13 of them. In that times I think I’ve regressed, reading Stephen King and listening to music in bed, and deciding that I might just like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. By osmosis. Sarge is sick now, too, see. We are sharing the TV. And the cough syrup. It’s my fault that he’s sick. Because when I’m sick, I get extra mushy. I want to hug the…

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Dear Body, Buck Up.

18th January 2013

I didn’t make it to my personal training session on Wednesday.  I’d spent the night before with a throwing up bug, which won over my throwing up phobia at least six times. At about 4 in the morning, I thought it’d be a stellar idea to sleep in the bathroom. Instead, I went back to bed and spooned with Freddy The Fuck It Bucket. Named after what I yelled out right before I spewed into it. It gave me some…

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The Bridal (Hair) Hump and The Sneezes of Doom

14th January 2013

As he pulled me backwards down the ramp and on to the street, the taxi driver asked what I was doing there. On a Monday. In the rain. In Glasgow. ‘Wedding make-up trial.’ ‘Are you going to be a bridesmaid?’ ‘No. I’m the bride.’ ‘Really?’ Yes, really.’ ‘Congratulations!’ ‘Thank you. Have a nice day.’ As I made my way up to Dad and Anne’s flat, I thought about how much I live to surprise people. Not really. Maybe a little.…

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