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Humor Shots Wedding Planning

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward (Planning)

23rd February 2013

For Christmas, Dad bought me a copy of The Ultimate Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook.  Because that’s the kinda guy he is.  I think it was a joint present. ‘You can skip the bits on dating and breaking up.  I have, however, highlighted the section on BABIES!’ he said. Since then, the book has sat on our actual coffee table, used as a handy reference guide/random writing prompter. On Friday, I found the book open to this not-so-random page (73): A…

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Humor Life Writing

How To Get Older

14th February 2013

You know that thing going around Facebook where you’re given an age and you have to tell people what you were driving back then, even it was a tricycle? And then people like your post.  For a moment you think it’s because they care that you lived in your own little world.  But really, they just want you to give them an age to talk about.  So the cycle, like life, can begin again. Yeah, that. The age I got was 22.…

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