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And A Goldfish

12th August 2013

As of Saturday, I’ve been blogging here for three years.  I wasn’t online much over the weekend, I was kind of busy eating baked goods in an art gallery and then laughing because I know during this show. I planned to write when we got home, but I found myself watching Breaking Bad instead. I got up at 5 am on Sunday, and was depressed for the rest of the day.  I needed ice-cream and a stupid movie so I…

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Nostalgia and Beards

7th August 2013

While visiting Dad and Anne for Dad’s birthday, I spotted a basket of Polaroids, kind of electric in the corner.  ‘Oooh, photos!’ I said. Now.  I have always known that nostalgia is an actual condition.  I embrace it.  I use the ache for old times to spur me on every day.  My past helps me live in the present. I’ve been feeling particularly nostalgic recently, more than the sparks that happen all the time, anyway. Sitting there on Monday morning,…

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