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I Don't Get Work/Life Balance

26th September 2013

And so, I have a new day-job.  I mostly work from home.  More on that later. This is my official spiel: Lorna is a wheelchair-user, who travels extensively at home and abroad. She is an American who has lived in Scotland for 20 years, so she isn’t really sure where home is, though. She is fueled by coffee and creativity and is a recent convert to bubble tea. Her favourite travel experiences have included a solo Amtrak journey from New…

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We Need To Talk About Re-Reading

10th September 2013

I don’t remember the first time I read We Need To Talk about Kevin. It was either at University while I was meant to be reading something else, or it was an old book-group choice. While I’m fuzzy about what brought me to it, I do remember being physically disgusted by it. Back then, I really did throw it against a wall, turn off the light and did not sleep. I turned the light back on to make sure it…

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Fire, Wind and Wasps

2nd September 2013

And so, yesterday Neil’s toasting bagels. And then we smell something burning. And then I hear, ‘Babe, the toaster’s on fire.’ And I look up from my non-blog writing to see flames. Flames in the middle of my toaster. Neil runs over and unplugs the toaster. Throws a damp cloth over it. My ‘Oh shit!’ was very helpful, in case you’re wondering. And our smoke detector works. There’s that, too. The toaster is now downstairs waiting to be taken to…

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