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Facebook Baby

11th January 2015

One of the things I’ve appreciated most in the last 6 months is Facebook.  It really has helped me feel connected to the world.  That’s what happens when most of the people who care about you and the human you’ve made live 40 to 4,000 miles away. Here’s a run-down on what’s been happening around here for the past few months, as told through Facebook status updates and posts: June 27th – Isla Madelyn born 11:52, 27th June 2014, 7…

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Happy New Year, Baby

5th January 2015

Dear Isla, You are six months and a bit. You are my Monkey, my Strumpet, My Favourite Baby. The first time I held you, I told you you’d been here before. And there’s an old soul shining out of your bright blue-grey-silver eyes. On a somewhat related note, I’m sorry for thinking that milk-blister made you look like a tiny version of Nanny McPhee for your first few days. I take it back. And I promise that wasn’t the reason…

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How Mama Rolls

4th January 2015

Hi, my name is (still) Lorna. My kid is just over six months old, and I don’t know how the hell that happened. No, I don’t need a Biology lesson. I need a drink. I haven’t written anything longer than a Facebook update in well, six months. But yet, here I am. Today, I found myself in a bookshop, wiping a booger off Isla’s face and then smearing it on my jeans. Is that some sort of parent achievement unlocked?…

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