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February 2015

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Is It Just Me?

20th February 2015

Imagine, if you will, a time when you wore something other than sweatpants.  You went to meetings, you had a ‘phone voice’, you had ‘Things To Do’ on  a list.  On your desk.  A desk that wasn’t in your house.  You may have even had a boss. A boss who had more than one tooth. And now, Fridays aren’t the same.  The closest thing you have to meetings is cake time with other mothers.  There is a lot of cake.…

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Coffee Talk

How Apt

14th February 2015

We are just back from Isla’s first trip to NY.  More on that, and other stuff, later. For now, Simon’s Cat makes a lot of sense.  Except, y’know, I wouldn’t do that first thing.…

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