Month: February 2015

Is It Just Me?

Imagine, if you will, a time when you wore something other than sweatpants.  You went to meetings, you had a ‘phone voice’, you had ‘Things To Do’ on  a list.  On your desk.  A desk that wasn’t in your house.  You may have even had a boss. A boss who had more than one tooth. And now, Fridays aren’t the same.  The closest thing you have to meetings is cake time with other mothers.  There is a lot of cake.  Remember when you didn’t like cake? Now, you have an Elmo voice.  That voice makes your kid laugh.  Your other voice says, ‘please don’t put that in your mouth’ and ‘Dude, why are you in the rubbish?’ Fun was maybe going to the movies.  Or the pub.  Or both.  Because you could.  Now, movies live in the Netflix.  And you are asked to leave the pub, because the sleeping child strapped to your chest isn’t allowed in. Because maybe she’ll wake up and bite people with the one tooth in her head. But I digress. My point is this.  Fun is different now.  Fun is simpler. Fun is putting your underwear on your kid’s head.  And a pair of sunglasses.  Just, y’know, so the underwear doesn’t fall off. That’s what fun is. Or is that just fun for me?               My very patient...

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How Apt

We are just back from Isla’s first trip to NY.  More on that, and other stuff, later. For now, Simon’s Cat makes a lot of sense.  Except, y’know, I wouldn’t do that first...

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