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September 2015


A New View

20th September 2015

And so, I’m sitting in the office.  My desk is somewhere between Isla’s crib and one of the bookcases.  I kinda like that.  Symbolism.  Or something. We moved up here with more than 17 boxes of books.  Yesterday was spent emptying them into the bookcases. In the old flat, I knew them so well, I almost didn’t see them.  Favourites and doorstops, old schoolbooks I can’t part with. Those have been moved to the loft. What I’m looking at now…

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I Should Be Writing

17th September 2015

And so, I’m sitting here in the kitchen. Today’s the first day out of the box for my computer, Truman Bubbles. If you look beyond the monitor, out the giant window, there’s trees. And thistle. On our first morning here, last Monday, we were serenaded by sheep. We’re not in Edinburgh any more. Isla’s been running up and down the hallway pushing her new walker thing. I’ve already removed the musical panel. The TV is obscured by other boxes. However,…

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Fresh Ink

1st September 2015

Hi, my name’s (still, always) Lorna.  I used to write here.  And then I posted a bunch of photos of my kid.  Just so you’re not disappointed, here is a recent favourite: I made that.  Her name’s (still, always) Isla. She is now a year old.  She likes to eat watermelon and wet-wipes. She likes to read.  When she rips the pages from my library books, I trade her for something she can destroy.  Like the phone-bill. She likes to…

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