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Paving The Way

31st December 2015

And so, I don’t have any excuses for not writing. Except maybe too much furniture blocking the computer.  And a toddler. But those are really bad excuses. Because there’s also notebooks. And coffee. And pens. And OK, maybe the pens don’t work. But there’s crayons. Because there’s a toddler. Anyway. The last day of the year makes you think. Mostly about what you’ve done with the other 364 days. There’s been a lot of clapping. And crying. And laughing. And…

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Sharing Is Caring

27th December 2015

And so.  Happy 18 months to my sweet, funny, already-geeky girl, Isla Madelyn. This afternoon, I found myself sitting with a bag of ice on my foot.  The kid throws a mean sippy-cup.  And then she came up and stole a piece of ice for her teeth. Sharing is caring. Here she is inspecting some of her Christmas haul. Complete with Christmas penguin deely-boopers. And here she is decorating her Daddy’s beard. Hope you’ve all had a great few days,…

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