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February 2016

Coffee Talk

Telly On The Blink

17th February 2016

Loving: Our new house.  Open spaces.  Boozy milkshakes (Galliano and ice-cream.) My new MacBook. Reading: American Housewife, Helen Ellis.  Campari For Breakfast, Sara Crowe. Watching: Nothing.  We have yet to plug in the TV.  Today, Dad and I took Isla to the Peanuts movie.  Neil and I went to see Deadpool over the weekend.  Loved them both. We should be watching season 2 of Better Call Saul. Listening To: Chet Faker. Working on: Longer blog posts.  Unpacking.  Not becoming a…

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Coffee Talk

Worthy of Note

15th February 2016

1. Neil and I went furniture shopping in Inverness over the weekend. We decided on, and ordered stuff that does not come from Ikea. 1b. We only needed one do-over. 1c. We are still married. 2. We’re still not online in the house. Have been checking in at the library once a week, and today, I’m at Dad’s house. 3. This is me writing from my new laptop. Let’s call him Frank. Frank is good. Frank is productive. Frank is…

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Coffee Talk Life

Right Now

4th February 2016

Loving: How Isla says ‘Mammy’. And that her new word is ‘cookie’. And that now she says yes as well as no. Homemade hazelnut lattes. Being without my mobile phone. Reading: City On Fire, Garth Risk Halberg. My initial love for this book has cooled. But I understand that good books are like life, and cannot be interesting all the time. Cuckoo’s Calling, JK Rowling. Kind of over-written, but somehow moreish. Watching: Recently finished Making A Murderer. I think Mr…

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This Is What We're Going to Do

1st February 2016

And so, I said yesterday  all the days that I want to write more. This is how I’m going to do it. Write 500-1,000 words a day.  Fiction or non-fiction.  Story or essay. Read a book a week.  Doing Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge to help with this. Although, I really don’t need any help with this one! Write/Draft one complete short story a week.  From a prompt or my, um, archives.  Open to story sparks, if you’d care to…

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