Month: February 2016

Telly On The Blink

Loving: Our new house.  Open spaces.  Boozy milkshakes (Galliano and ice-cream.) My new MacBook. Reading: American Housewife, Helen Ellis.  Campari For Breakfast, Sara Crowe. Watching: Nothing.  We have yet to plug in the TV.  Today, Dad and I took Isla to the Peanuts movie.  Neil and I went to see Deadpool over the weekend.  Loved them both. We should be watching season 2 of Better Call Saul. Listening To: Chet Faker. Working on: Longer blog posts.  Unpacking.  Not becoming a cliche. Anticipating: Being online in my own house. Making Me Happy: All of the above.   What about...

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Worthy of Note

1. Neil and I went furniture shopping in Inverness over the weekend. We decided on, and ordered stuff that does not come from Ikea. 1b. We only needed one do-over. 1c. We are still married. 2. We’re still not online in the house. Have been checking in at the library once a week, and today, I’m at Dad’s house. 3. This is me writing from my new laptop. Let’s call him Frank. Frank is good. Frank is productive. Frank is a machine. 3b. Well, yes. Frank is a machine. My point is this. Well. Never mind. 4. Neil and I got each other the same penguin-themed Valentine card. He bought mine in Edinburgh, I bought his in Portree. That’s love. And geographical weirdness. 5. Isla. Isla. Isla. She’s still great. And speaking in sentences. We don’t understand most of them yet, but she does. And that seems to work for now. She is also very tall. She is wonderful. But I am having some issues. My very independent child is A Very Independent Child. Or something. 5b. Crying on the Keyboard isn’t covered on the warranty. So I’ll stop. More...

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Right Now

Loving: How Isla says ‘Mammy’. And that her new word is ‘cookie’. And that now she says yes as well as no. Homemade hazelnut lattes. Being without my mobile phone. Reading: City On Fire, Garth Risk Halberg. My initial love for this book has cooled. But I understand that good books are like life, and cannot be interesting all the time. Cuckoo’s Calling, JK Rowling. Kind of over-written, but somehow moreish. Watching: Recently finished Making A Murderer. I think Mr Robot is next. Listening To: This week’s writing background was Harry Potter and Miss Saigon. The update on Serial Season One Working on: A story. With a prompt from Gabi Coatsworth. Anticipating: Well, we get the keys tomorrow. And we move on Saturday! That’s quite enough excitement for now. Also, Spring. Making Me Happy: Thinking about tomorrow. And the weekend. And next week. And on we go…   What about...

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This Is What We're Going to Do

And so, I said yesterday  all the days that I want to write more. This is how I’m going to do it. Write 500-1,000 words a day.  Fiction or non-fiction.  Story or essay. Read a book a week.  Doing Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge to help with this. Although, I really don’t need any help with this one! Write/Draft one complete short story a week.  From a prompt or my, um, archives.  Open to story sparks, if you’d care to throw them at me.  Might post my efforts here for feedback. Journal daily.  Not really into the concept of Morning Pages these days.  But we shall see. Write more snail-mail.  I used to be really big on this.  Freed me up for other writing, and I met some wonderful friends.  Anyone wanna be penpals? Subscribe to magazines again.  I love mail that isn’t bills.  My favourite magazines have been Lonely Planet Traveller and National Geographic.  What are your favourite magazines?   And y’know, accountability and all that bullshit  good stuff.  I will mostly report back to Isla, ha!  But I’ll also try to blog here at least three times a week.  More is a bonus and may be a list. A note on time management.  Isla still takes an afternoon nap.  She’s a good kid.  Words will happen when she sleeps, either in the afternoon or at night. Let’s...

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