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Top Ten Tuesday: 5-star Reads, or Gin & Tears

29th March 2016

I’m quite generous with my 4-star ratings, but 5-stars is harder for me. I have a shelf on goodreads labeled ‘ten stars’ and another one called ‘there were tears’ and those ones are the ones that I’ll throw at people, so we can talk about it. ‘There will be a test,’ I tell them. Recent 10-stars have been: Dept. of Speculation – Heard a bunch about this, and bought it while in NY.  Maybe that’s why it’s a tenner.  But really,…

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Isla's Mural

24th March 2016

My best friend from Uni has been staying with us for the week.  She thinks she’s a physiotherapist, but she’s actually an artist. This mural appeared on Isla’s wall in two and a half days.  Acrylic, emulsion, and magic. And Isla loves it.  Of course. Emma doesn’t have a website yet.  But I’ve decided she totally should.  So that’s pending. Isla says thank you, Auntie Em!…

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Humor Life

The Frosty North

7th March 2016

Since we moved in we’ve had a gas leak, the washing machine won’t drain, the toaster blew a fuse.  And today, the boiler has packed in. But it’s still our house.  And apparently, it’s well, sensitive.  So.  Leave it alone.  Unless you’d like to come and fix the heat. Actually, the same guy who fixed our farting stove two weeks ago is making another trip to fix the heat.  Don’t worry, he knows where we live. In other news, we…

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