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July 2016

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One More Coffee

24th July 2016

And so, my alone time didn’t help much yesterday.  Too quiet.  Not enough kid. However, I have three new sentences that I didn’t have this time yesterday.  They are mostly about ice cream.  Because we start where we are. Today started with coffee and pancakes.  After Isla climbed into bed with us and farted in my face.  Thanks, kid.  I’ve decided that that’s not a metaphor for the rest of the day. Today’s the kind of day where the TV…

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Line By Line

23rd July 2016

If we were having coffee, we’d be hiding in the kitchen while Isla counts the balls in her ball pit and Neil plays the shit out of Isla’s toy guitar. You’d be convincing me that I can write a mystery on a wharf including a dog collar for NYC Midnight’s Flash Fiction Challenge.  While I do feel better about this assignment  than the Short Story Challenge, it would seem that the only story elements I can work with these days…

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Coffee Talk Shots

I Need A Break From My Phone

15th July 2016

Hello, I’m looking to take photos without my phone and need suggestions on digital SLR cameras.  Want to learn and do more with my photography. Camera must be chunky for my spaz hands.  And I could use auto-stabilise.  And point-and-click.  Any thoughts? Will mainly be used for toddlers in the wild.  And for epic scenery. Thanks in advance.  Longer posts coming soon.    …

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