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September 2016

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Cheese Crackers & Jelly

15th September 2016

How many mothers with CP (some would call ourselves spaz hands) does it take to rip jelly blocks and then remove the set jelly from jelly molds? One.  And today, that one is me. And this is what it looks like when your kid insists on having that jelly with cheese crackers. Notice how the jelly looks like butterflies?  Yeah, me neither.…

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Shots Travel

The One Where Scenery Happens

14th September 2016

These photos were taken by Neil, while I sat and ate cake from the Blue Shed Cafe.       And this is the sunset.  From our house.  On a Tuesday.   What’s the view from your house?                            …

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Coffee Talk Life

Currently Reading, & What Else?

9th September 2016

Reading: Turning Angel, Greg Iles.  Does anyone else read the Penn Cage books? The Passenger, Lisa Lutz.  Thrillers are my brain-candy. Again. And my second #LitsyGoesPostal book.  LGP is a postal bookclub/journaling project/generally good thing made up of people that first connected on the Litsy app. The idea is to send your favourite book, a notebook and good vibes to someone who reads it, writes about it and sends it to the next person in the rotation. In  a few years,…

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