Year: 2017

Gin & Lemonade’s Top 10 Posts of 2017

2017 has been a weird little blogging year around here.  I think I posted twice in January and then disappeared until April.  I don’t know what happened, either.  It’s old news.  We are not there any more. But as I plan to get more wordy this month and next year, I thought I’d take a deep breath and give you a rundown on my most popular posts of 2017.  Or since April. 10. Coffee & Questions –  This one was kind of a readers survey where I asked you guys questions about what you’d like to see around here....

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How I Upgraded My Blog With Lyrical Host

It takes me a while to make a decision, but once I do, I go for it. I’d been debating getting my own domain around here for ages, read up on other people’s experiences, but y’know, didn’t push the button. Because I was comfortable with, liked them (still do), appreciated the community, (still do) and saw no reason to change the habits of a blogging lifetime  seven years. And yet. When I started writing this blog I was looking for work in Edinburgh.  Back then this blog actually helped me get a job that I loved, attempting to...

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Adventures In Blogger’s Block

And so, I set up this nifty new domain, my blogging composition book has titles written in it, I’m all excited to add words to those titles.  And…nothing.  Well, some stuff.  Noise in the kitchen.  Where I write. I would dearly love to have a door I could shut for 2 or 3 hours, and then I’d write, open the door and do the other things.  But since my writing has to happen around my life, on the kitchen table, not a lot of writing happens. I used to be a writer. I had day jobs and then I’d...

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Conversations With My Kid

Isla talks non-stop. Not her fault, she’s my kid. Sometimes, I post our conversations on Facebook. What follows is a collection of actual conversations with my three year-old daughter.  All of these are unprompted.  She has my sarcastic genes. Isla: Mumma, you’re cheeky. And you’re also kind of cute. Me: Day made? Isla on Hallowe’en… ‘Mumma, we got a pumpkin.’ ‘You’re MY pumpkin.’ ‘I know dat. But we got a real one from the shops.’ Isla on the rules… Me: May I play with you? Isla: No, because this game is for kids. But you can keep doing that...

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Gin & Lemonade 2.0. Or Something.

Dear groovy readers and friends, Just another short post to see that everything is working correctly (ish) before I set up the re-direct from the old site to this one (this is the new one, by the way, hi.) Please stick with me while I play around with theme options, etc.  And let me know if anything could be better. A note on reading:  Subscribers from the old place have been migrated to this one, and apparently my posts will still appear in the WP reader.  If not, pop your email in the email subscription box in the sidebar....

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