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Coffee Talk & Blogging Goals

8th January 2017

If we were having coffee, you couldn’t help but notice that we’ve blown all the fuses.  Isla is running around going, ‘My house is dark.  It ran out of batteries!’ Five minutes ago, we were watching Alice in Wonderland.  Now, Isla’s face is lit by my phone screen.  No, I can’t buy you that Lego set.  And please don’t post that egg video on Facebook. In other news, what music do you listen to while taking down the Christmas tree?…

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Books Reading

My Book List for #LitsyAtoZ

4th January 2017

I think I’ve rambled about Litsy once or twice.  Some groovy people over there are doing the #LitsyAtoZ challenge. The last time I tried something like this, I got stuck on E. I’m not usually this organised, but I thought if I listed my book choices I might actually read through them. I’ve decided to list by author.  You can also list by title or mix it up. A – Cat’s Eye – Margaret Atwood,  or You Will Know Me…

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