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My TBR for Dewey's Readathon

28th April 2017

I’ve wanted to do a focused reading thing for AGES!  This year, I thought I’d take advantage of my general sleeplessness and participate in this year’s Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon Books I hope to get to: Idaho, Emily Ruskovich If At Birth You Don’t Succeed, Zach Anner Caraval, Stephanie Garber Strange Weather In Tokyo, Hiromi Kawakami Night Waking, Sara Moss This list is fluid/might be completely rubbish. I also have a graphic novel somewhere and some fun Kindle reads.  I’ll be…

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Travel Writing


27th April 2017

I’ve wanted to update my About Me page for AGES.  Or four years.  Because somehow, I’m now 36.  Even stranger, my fiance has been my husband for nearly four years.  And the tiny human we made is now very tall and seventeen, nearly three years old.  They are awesome people and I’m glad we get to do life together. However.  That’s not really About Me, is it?  But it’s been what I’ve been all about for awhile.  I no longer…

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Disability Life

Sometimes, It Hurts.

21st April 2017

And so, after painting all the pictures and doing all the puzzles, Isla and I went out. We’ve paved around the house so we can have races and stuff, so there’s that. But we live on a hill. ‘Go over the stones and roll down the hill with me, Mummy.’ ‘I can’t, baby. I wouldn’t get back up.’ ‘Please, Mummy. Just try.’ Which is what we ask her to do. So, I tried. And my heart broke a little. Because…

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