Month: May 2017

Overheard In My Kitchen

Isla:  Mum, you ran OVER my Bugles! (We have graduated from Mummy/Mumma to plain Mum when she’s pissed at me.) Me: I’m sorry, does that really um, grind your gears? Isla:  What? Me: Never mind. Sometime later… Isla:  I’m still hungry. Me:  I’ll fix you a plate.  You better eat what I give you.  (Ham, grapes that I thought were olives, and raspberries.) Me, again:  Isla, c’mere and get your deconstructed sandwich. Isla:  That’s not a sandwich. Me: Hence the word ‘deconstructed’. P.S.  She ate a lot today.  Most of it was healthy.  Don’t write letters.                     More about my sandwich artistry can be found here.       If you enjoyed this post, please consider voting for Gin & Lemonade in the Best Overall Blogger category at the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards here. Much appreciated, thank you!...

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Coffee & a Visit

Hello!  How’s the week treated you?  I hope you’re all good, but even if you’re not, let’s put the world to rights. If we were were having coffee show you my favourite picture from this week. Isla decided my wheels needed redone.  I was very happy with them. Some things: If she says she’s experimenting, she doesn’t get in trouble. She knows my favourite colour. We have rolls of wallpaper for her painting experiments.  Next time this happens, I’m gonna drive all over that stuff.  Thanks for the nudge, Sally. Yesterday, we took Isla to the park where I kindasortamaybe attempted to be social with people who don’t know my sense of humour.  Ask me how that worked. After that, the plan was to find a bookshop and have lunch at our favourite seafood shack.  No parking and a depressing closed sign meant Isla got a nap in the car while we just circled around the island listening to Eric Bibb. This was cool too, because, y’know, Neil and I actually talked.  Which is something we still like to do.  Bonus is when we’re road-tripping with music on, and not talking about kid stuff.  And I’m very proud of my city-boy husband who is comfortable enough with country driving that he can now y’know, drive and talk at the same time. I thought I’d have a new secondhand book...

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Book Lover's Tag Thing

Saw this on  Ritu’s  blog.  Thought I’d play. Do you have a specific place for reading? These days I mostly read in bed, late into the night.  Weekend reading is outside with Isla, on her trampoline.  She is, I’m not. Bookmarks or random pieces of paper? Train tickets.  And no dog-eared pages. Can you just stop anywhere or must it be at the end of the chapter? I’d prefer it was the end of a chapter, but I don’t make a thing out of it.  Neil makes a thing out of it. Do you eat or drink while reading? Day time reading, when it happens, is with coffee.  Night reading is sometimes with cider and popcorn. Music or TV while reading? Could be. One book at a time or several? Too many,  Not enough. Do you prefer to read at home or elsewhere? My favourite time of day is reading to Isla before she goes to sleep.  When she does, I read by Kindlelight.  At home.  In bed.  With Neil snoring beside me.  I can also now read in the car, which is useful for road-trips, with Neil hopefully not snoring beside me. Read out loudly or silently? Aloud to Isla.  And Neil, if something strikes me as funny, which happens a lot. Do you read ahead or skip pages? I don’t skip.  But I sometimes read the last...

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One More Thing

Last night was date night/Twin Peaks night.  Neil and I haven’t had one of those in a long time, so Isla spent last night at Dad and Anne’s, playing with their cats and probably having too much sugar. She left and my heart felt like Swiss cheese. She came back and I touched her face and said I love you.  She gave me her plastic Skye from Paw Patrol to keep until she gets back and out she runs demanding that Campah turn some music on for the ride over the river and through the woods five minutes up the road. I was nervy yesterday.  Hours before, I’d made Isla a sandwich so big it didn’t fit in her purple lunch box, which goes with her in her teal panda bear school bag to nursery which is another place she goes without me.  But she loves it, and that’s how life goes. Anyway, she left again for a sugar rush.  And I gave Skye the plastic toy an actual hug. Neil and I watch Twin Peaks while eating shrimp stir-fry and and at various intervals I’m saying, ‘What the shit are we watching?’  Which is not entirely unlike what I said when we binge-watched it a few years ago. ‘What the shit are we watching?’ ‘Twin Peaks?’ ‘True.’ We watched and wondered then it was this morning. We had coffee...

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Coffee & Questions

I’ve been blogging for a long time and you might have noticed I’ve been trying to be more consistent with it. Since I’ve come off my various hiatuses, I’m curious about why you’ve stuck with me, and other good stuff about you, my groovy readers. If you would be so groovy, and answer these questions, that would be swell. 1. How long have you been reading my rambles and how did you find me? 2. Are you disabled, a parent, a reader, a writer, a traveller, or a coffee drinker? 3. Are you one of my parents? 4. Are you Neil? 5. Are you an expat, a mover, or a third-culture person? 6. What’s your favourite blog, and what would you like to see more of on mine? 7. If we’ve met, how did we meet? (this could be a lie) 8. What books are you reading at the moment? Whether this is your first visit, or you’ve been around as long as this blog, thank you.  I appreciate your friendship/support/blunt advice/gentle nudges. Let’s chat. If you enjoyed this post, please consider voting for Gin & Lemonade in the Best Overall Blogger category at the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards here. Much appreciated, thank you!...

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