Month: September 2017

NaNoWriMo Prep & Other Words

NaNoWriMo and I have an interesting past. The first time I took part, I drafted something that I printed out on mint green paper, workshopped around, edited with red and purple pen, and then stuck in a drawer. Every fucking day year since I have done a variation on that same theme. Blast music.  Scribble.  Do laps around the house.  Love what I’ve written and want to write more. Do life and stuff. Eat popcorn. Cry. Laugh.     What I haven’t done is plan anything.  On paper.  Or even a screen.  When I’m writing it just kinda happens....

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Let's Connect!

Thought I’d do a little impromptu ice-cream/beer/cider/tea/coffee social – Post a bit about your blog and links to your social media you’d like me (and other people) to connect with you on. Make connections with other people in the comments! I’ll go first: I post about life, books and Isla on Facebook and Instagram. I pin on Pinterest and I have a group board for bloggers here, if you’d like to pin, too. I am too wordy for Twitter. I read here.  Hell, I read everywhere. Your turn. Mingle and meet some new people and remember to be excellent...

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A Day At Long Island Aquarium

One of my/our favorite days of THE TRIP was visiting the butterflies and penguins (and other creatures) at Long Island Aquarium. Neil and I went years ago and we’d been looking forward to taking Isla (even before she was Isla). I honestly don’t know who was more excited. Here are some photos from our day there.  With a caption contest for the last one!       And the priceless moment we actually paid 20 bucks for: Yes, that is a real penguin, people.  Caption contest, anyone? Is Awkward Family Photos still a thing? Notes:  All photos are iPhone...

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My Fall TBR Pile

I get excited when The Broke and The Bookish have Top Ten Tuesdays where I can actually list ten books.  Well, I can usually list a hundred books, but y’know. This week’s list is your Fall TBR.  And I have books for that.  Of course I do. The books I plan to read this fall are: Spoonbenders – Daryl Gregory – I found this in an open, accessible bookstore over the weekend and had to get it.  Seems like a quirky family story.  I LOVE QUIRKY FAMILY STORIES. Commonwealth – Ann Patchett – Unpopular bookish opinion alert: I didn’t like Bel Canto.  But this is another book, so we shall try it. First line:  The christening party took a turn when Albert Cousins arrived with gin. My reaction: Sold! Take my money. Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire – DUH – This is where I left off the last time I visited Hogwarts. 4 3 2 1 – Paul Auster – Because Paul Auster. An Accident In August – Laurence Cosse – This is one for my postal book group.  Which I’m still in. Kafka on the Shore – Haruki Murakami – Because I really should finish it. The Rules of Magic – Alice Hoffman – Again, take my money. City of Bones – Cassandra Clare – I found this whole series in a bargain bin. Really should finish the first...

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Drinking Red Wine On Vacation

‘Isla, do you like America?’ ‘I love it.’ ‘Mumma used to live here.’ ‘Where? In the toilet?’ We were in the bathroom.  Although, she can be sarcastic, too.  Not her fault. And I should say Isla and Neil were in the bathroom.  I can’t even fit myself in most accessible stalls, let alone go with my kid, so Neil was on bathroom trips while we were in NY. They were in the bathroom and I was enjoying an iced cinnamon hazelnut latte from Toast.  (And my coffee order never has more than four words in it, so I’m assuming...

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