Month: October 2017

That Time We Clicked

Eight years ago today, I was getting ready to go on what I already hoped would be my last first date.  The boy liked Japanese fiction, beer, and obscure bands and the girl liked all of those things, and the boy, too. Online dating and I were on a break.  Had reached an impasse.  Agreed to disagree. And yet. Two weeks before, I saw this guy.  This guy that seemed different to all the other guys. Different because, well, he wasn’t my type.  But maybe, I’d been thinking my type was an asshole. And this guy, this blondish, bearded...

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My Favorite Finds From UncommonGoods

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own. Regular readers will know that I like quirky shops that ship to the UK.  (New readers, that’s a thing.) UncommonGoods is a Brooklyn-based company that offers unique gifts, jewelery, home decor and more.  I love that they work directly with artists and small manufacturers and the stuff they sell is handmade, recycled, organic and cruelty-free.  Literally everything is quirky and beautiful. While researching another post, I found UncommonGoods, decided that I wanted to buy ALL THE THINGS from them, bookmarked the site and got on with the parts of...

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How To De-Stress When You Can't Walk It Off

As part of my own self-care for anxiety issues, I read a lot on things to do to de-stress.  A lot of these lists that I find rely heavily on running/walking/hiking/getting into interesting yoga poses. To that I say fuck you whatever works.  My point is, all that outward-bound shit doesn’t work for me as a wheelchair-user. Here’s what does: Writing.  With a pen.  A list.  A letter. A novel.  A postcard.  A blog post. Reading.  A book.  A short one to finish in one sitting.  Or a longer one to live with for  awhile. Coloring.  Now. I have...

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London Book Haul

Thought I’d share my book haul from London.  Because it is physically impossible for me to travel and not come back with books.  And penguin pillows.  Apparently. Book links are Book Depository affiliate links.  More about that here.  I’m aware that that post outlines a blogging schedule, and that today is actually Thursday.  Hi.  Take note of the title of the first book listed. Anything is Possible, Elizabeth Strout – I’ve been a little obsessed since I read my My Name is Lucy Barton.  Anything is Possible was my train book, and I am exactly half-way through it.  Amazing....

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