Month: November 2017

Conversations With My Kid

Isla talks non-stop. Not her fault, she’s my kid. Sometimes, I post our conversations on Facebook. What follows is a collection of actual conversations with my three year-old daughter.  All of these are unprompted.  She has my sarcastic genes. Isla: Mumma, you’re cheeky. And you’re also kind of cute. Me: Day made? Isla on Hallowe’en… ‘Mumma, we got a pumpkin.’ ‘You’re MY pumpkin.’ ‘I know dat. But we got a real one from the shops.’ Isla on the rules… Me: May I play with you? Isla: No, because this game is for kids. But you can keep doing that...

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Gin & Lemonade 2.0. Or Something.

Dear groovy readers and friends, Just another short post to see that everything is working correctly (ish) before I set up the re-direct from the old site to this one (this is the new one, by the way, hi.) Please stick with me while I play around with theme options, etc.  And let me know if anything could be better. A note on reading:  Subscribers from the old place have been migrated to this one, and apparently my posts will still appear in the WP reader.  If not, pop your email in the email subscription box in the sidebar....

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Gin & Lemonade is Moving

Hi, this is just a short note to say that after 7 years and a bit of blogging, I’ve just pressed the button on my own domain.  This move happens tomorrow and I hope you’re as excited as I am. I’ve been thinking about investing in this blog for A LONG TIME, most recently on the trip to New York, while jetlagging with lots of coffee. I’ve enjoyed my time on the free plan from WordPress, but I’d like to do more, so let’s just say I’ve graduated. I’m still me,  and the gin is still the same, only better, I hope. I’m still going to be blogging about life and parenting on wheels, sharing travel stories and book talk. At the new place, you’ll find: Longer-form writing A more consistent posting schedule Collaborations with people and brands that I like and trust. Book talk, listicles, and other useful stuff. I’m hoping the site transfer will be seamless.  I’m also hoping to transfer my subscriber list, but you may have to re-subscribe to the new site. I’ll have email subscription for blog posts set up as soon as possible, and I’ll be introducing an email list different from blog post alerts.  Also, feel free to bookmark the new site when we go live. Comments will remain open and I hope to maintain a safe place for discussion.  Think #coffeeshopvibes...

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Did I Just Say That Out Loud?

‘Did you enjoy your stay?’ ‘Well, no.’ I said. We were checking out of our hotel on our most recent road-trip to Edinburgh. My mouth gets me in trouble sometimes. Like that time I asked Neil to marry me.  Or the time I threw my Dad out of my house.  Or that time I asked why the shit am I friends with these people? Now.  I could have been talking about a few reasons why this trip was not the best trip. There was a goodbye party for one of my two best Mum friends who has decided to...

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I Do Declare. Or Something.

And so, this time last week I was sitting in a very accessible coffee shop in Edinburgh with two former colleagues I hadn’t seen in a while. We were catching up before I realised they hadn’t seen Isla in a REALLY long time. ‘But I feel like I’m in your house every day,’ said one. ‘I look forward to your Isla posts every morning,’  said the other.  It’s a good thing I’m cross-eyed too, because I was able to look at them both at the same time.  Hi. See, my daughter is three going on 35.  She gets her...

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