Month: January 2018

Lanterns In The Rain

There was a road-trip to Edinburgh while Mom was here.  Of course.  And the three of us go to the zoo whenever we get the chance.  I’d wanted to Isla to see the Giant Lanterns of China since they arrived at the zoo.  And I thought taking my Mom would be a chance to make some groovy memories. Except the trails were too much walking for Mom so she couldn’t come.  The zoo did offer Mom a wheelchair, but with mine as well, that would have made for an interesting convoy. Whenever we go to the zoo, there’s a...

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How To Send Stuff To Your International Friends

Medium-known fact/disclaimer: I’m an American living in Scotland.  I know a lot of people and more than half of them live not here.  I have been sending and receiving airmail since I was 12 years old.  These are my personal tips on how to send stuff to people who live where you don’t, while still keeping your bank account happy.  And theirs, too. Most of the stuff I send goes to people in the US. My mother has been sending me stuff for years.  I am forever telling her mark it as a gift. Because if it is a gift,...

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January Book Haul & Mailbox Monday

Please consider this my first official book post of 2018.  The plan is to make bookish posts a more regular thing around here.  Because apparently you groovy people like it when I gush about books. Hi. It is dark and cold on Skye (but not as cold as New York, apparently.) My point is, we got new lightbulbs.  So my blog photos wouldn’t look so fucking dark. Lookit:     Books pictured: Magpie Murders – Anthony Horowitz – A book within a book that Neil found for me in Tesco.  On a booze run.  In Edinburgh.  Winning. Homegoing –...

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Gin & Lemonade’s 5K Giveaway!

And so, Mom was here for three weeksish.  She’s back now, and returned to the coldest day on record.  Sorry, Ma. We managed all that togetherness without an argument.  Which hasn’t happened in like, ever.  Mom did get a chest infection and spent most of the time sleeping or watching British crime dramas.  On her IPad.  It was kinda surreal. Also surreal was a Christmas dinner where my divorced parents didn’t fight, and I found a wine that doesn’t give me heartburn (rosé, if you’re taking notes.) The photo above is me after wine, voluntarily wearing a hat my...

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Goals & Books & Bookish Goals

Today is day 793 of chocolate and chips (as in crisps as in chips).  I’ve sent Neil to the shops for vegetables and vitamins.  Hi. I guess this is my 2018 resolutions post, but they only last for a week around here.  So lets  call them goals. In this post I’m going to set out my goals and the tools I’m going to use to achieve them.  I hope the stuff I’m using is useful to you, too. Space. I need it.  For instance, I’m writing to you from my kitchen table surrounded by my lunch and my coffee mug....

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