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January Reading Wrap Up & What’s On Next

31st January 2018

Today I thought I’d do a January reading wrap up with the help of WWW Wednesdays. The bullet points are: What are you currently reading? What did you recently finish reading? What do you think you’ll read next?   And link-up details can be found here. My current reads are: The Dry – Jane Harper This is something I’ve actually been in the middle of for ages.  I recently re-clicked it on my Kindle, because I want to read the…

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Humor Travel Writing

A Road-Trip to The Ballet

29th January 2018

‘Isla, get off the stage, Dearest.’  We’d just arrived at the theatre after three hours in the car.  Isla was burning of some energy by strutting across a platform thing I think was leftover from another performance. Part of Isla’s Christmas gift was tickets to The Nutcracker when Scottish Ballet brought it to Inverness. We didn’t think we’d get to go, because weather was happening right up until we started our road-trip. But we piled in the car, picked up…

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Humor Life Writing

Why Don’t You Sleep At Night?

22nd January 2018

Isla looked at my face this morning and asked a very maybe wise beyond her years/obvious/ simple question: Mummy, why don’t you sleep at night? What could I say? Because I’m cold, Because I’m reading, Because I’m hungry, Because I feel crowded, Because I feel alone, Because I think too much, Because it’s too quiet. Are you breathing? Have I done enough? How old am I? How old are you? Shit. Because I’m crafting complicated sentences. Fuck it. What time…

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Humor Isla Says

More Conversations With My Kid

19th January 2018

On her second snow day… Neil: It’s a blizzard. Isla: I don’t see a lizard. It’s snow, Daddy. On love… Isla: I love you, Mumma. Don’t ever change. Me: *just over here on the floor* On snacks… Isla was picking through a bag of gum-drops after lunch. ‘Hmm. I think Nana ate all the good ones.’ On her mother’s artistic abilities… Me: It’s a butterfly. Isla: It’s a heart with a line in it. Me: Well, you and me went…

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Coffee Talk Sharing The Love

How To Have A Snow Day & An Update On The Giveaway

17th January 2018

‘Is this some kind of cross-over show?’ I was watching Paw Patrol and thought I saw Nella from Nella the Princess Knight. ‘No, Nella has a pink dress.  That’s a blue dress,’ said Isla. Oh, of course.  And so begins Snow Day #2 in the Frosty North.  School is closed, Neil can’t drive out of the driveway to get to the shops.  He shovelled for half an hour before school called off. We had to replace our snow-tires last year,…

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