Month: February 2018

My Flat Ass: What Disability Means To Me

Since I’ve decided to tell it like it is about my life with a disability, I thought I might write a post spelling out my perspective of what disability actually is. This is not a general post on all disabilities.  I’m aware that there are visible and invisible ones. I can only speak from my own experience as a wheelchair-user. Over the weekend, the fam and I went to a bookshop. There was a steep, but useable ramp to get through the door with my wheelchair.  With the help of an accommodating bookseller who perhaps realised I was there...

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A Day In My Life As A Disabled Mother

I am a mother.  I am disabled. I am sometimes a disabled mother. Isla went back to nursery school today, after mid-winter break.  I enjoyed having her home for three days.  I’m also enjoying being able to write this post in silence, without cartoons in the background, while she is at school. This morning we had our usual cuddles with TV and waffles before what Isla calls ‘the team effort’ to get her dressed. She’s hopping around, pulling her jeans up.  ‘Do you want some help?’ I asked. ‘No, Mummy.  Sometimes I need help and sometimes I don’t.’ ‘Well,...

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A to Z Reading Survey

OK, so.  My self-imposed post-a-day challenge is in the shitter, because I hate small talk.  My head is so full-of-thoughts, there’s no time in the day to do them justice. How many ways can you say I feel like I’m losing a bit of myself every day without sounding like a depressing cow? My solace is reading.  And Isla, but she’s three and I might be clingy. So, books. I found this A to Z reading survey from The Perpetual Page Turner, and I thought I’d share my own A to Z here. Author you’ve read the most books...

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Have You Ever Double Booked?

So, a family trip to the library yesterday resulted in some unintentional parenting humor today. (I couldn’t remember if I had the book, but wanted to read it.)   When you go to the library and bring home a book you forgot you own and the photo is extra funny if you know that freaking annoying song. #doublebooked #libraryhaul #bookwormlife #bookstagram #bookwormproblems #notaproblem #parentinghumor #daddyfinger #itsaproblem #sharingiscaring #yourewelcome #imsorry A post shared by Lorna @ Gin & Lemonade (@gypsiewriter) on Feb 18, 2018 at 3:11am PST   Two copies of Here I Am means that freaking song in my head...

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Marshmallows For Breakfast

Over the weekend, the fam and I did an experiment.  We tried a road-trip to Inverness without the added interestingness of staying overnight somewhere. Our experiment garnered varying results. You knew that, right? Stick with me. It takes about two and a half hours to get to the thriving metropolis of Inverness from here. I put my morning coffee in my giant turquoise Starbucks travel mug and we piled in the car. Now. I have always encouraged Isla to be her own person. An example is this: The kid wakes up every morning and wants to wear a dress...

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