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That’s Just How I Roll: Thoughts On Inspiration

27th March 2018

When I read about Stephen Hawking’s death, I was transported to a pub in Glasgow where I once found a prime piece of graffiti: Stephen Hawking hates karaoke.  I remember discussing this line with my friends and deciding it was kinda apt. My first thought on the death of genius was a tenuously linked personal memory. I went on about my day, steering Isla away from chocolate for all of her meals. I said nothing on social media because I very…

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When Your Child Has No Inside Voice

25th March 2018

Picture it:  A crowded restaurant.  A table full of friends.  All other tables full of strangers.  And a three-year-old with absolutely no inside voice. I was having dinner with friends I haven’t seen since my wedding (nearly five years ago, how did that happen?) There was music and memories.  Hot chocolate with impressive whipped cream, and lots of coffee and more than a few laughs. There was also a locked accessible toilet.  Some people would call that an inaccessible toilet.  But…

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Where Everybody Knows Your Business

19th March 2018

And so, over the weekend the fam and I went on road-trip to celebrate Neil’s birthday and to mark my 25th year in Scotland.  More about that later.  Our car is still in the garage after the last road-trip, so we piled into our red replacement and went in search of seafood. The music in the car was CD 3 of our wedding mix.  The music that played during the cocktail hour.  Did I mention we missed our own reception?…

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More No Bullshit Blogging Advice

13th March 2018

I am not a blogging expert, I usually don’t blog about blogging.  I get my blogging advice from people who are smarter at blogging than I am. I just write personal essays/sarcastic listicles in a public forum and some people like them.  That’s groovy.  I thank you. In the spirit of not being a bullshit artist, you guys know I’ve been blogging since 2010. However.  That’s only 430 posts. I’ve had 3 day jobs, married one person, and made another…

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Sharing The Love

Let’s Hang Out

9th March 2018

Hello!  It’s downright Springy here today, and I thought it was time to do a kinda Friday Faves post here at Gin & Lemonade. Recentish blog finds include: Book journaling tools from the Modern Mrs Darcy – perfect for my fellow notebook-hoarders out there. The Epic Guide to Using Facebook Groups to Explode your Blog Traffic – Some new points and new-to -me groups. Sunday chat and cake over at Losing The Plot. Comparison – The Stealer of Joy Kick Arse…

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