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I Need A Break From My Phone

Hello, I’m looking to take photos without my phone and need suggestions on digital SLR cameras.  Want to learn and do more with my photography. Camera must be chunky for my spaz hands.  And I could use auto-stabilise.  And...

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Free Advice

I found this bag on my travels today.  Sarge spotted it during a drive-by.  I stopped short, and it became a drive-buy.  The bag now has a place amongst the butterflies. Bag from Pippin.  Advice from my Grandma. What’s the...

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Switch Off to Switch On

Remember when I said I couldn’t write in clutter?  Well, I’ll add to it.  I now believe the people who tell you not to write on a computer connected to the Internet.  Because writing doesn’t happen.  Facebook happens. I used to...

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Dear You

I spent all day Saturday looking for a particular piece I wrote on September 11th, 2001. I couldn’t find it, but in the search I found all my old journals and other writing that goes back pretty far. Some things are the same.  A...

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