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A New View

And so, I’m sitting in the office.  My desk is somewhere between Isla’s crib and one of the bookcases.  I kinda like that.  Symbolism.  Or something. We moved up here with more than 17 boxes of books.  Yesterday was...

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I Should Be Writing

And so, I’m sitting here in the kitchen. Today’s the first day out of the box for my computer, Truman Bubbles. If you look beyond the monitor, out the giant window, there’s trees. And thistle. On our first...

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Fresh Ink

Hi, my name’s (still, always) Lorna.  I used to write here.  And then I posted a bunch of photos of my kid.  Just so you’re not disappointed, here is a recent favourite: I made that.  Her name’s (still, always)...

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Two Years Of Shots

Today is Gin & Lemonade’s second birthday.  My move from Glasgow to Edinburgh is not so recent any more and I no longer have a cat who thinks she’s a dog.  I don’t even have a boyfriend, because he’s...

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George's New Friend

George Bailey-Penguin has a visitor.  The Oma has arrived!   They seem to like each other.                 For more info on the Oma, visit The Oma Today Project and Hippie Cahier. ...

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Orchids And Violets

Wednesday was the start of Edinburgh’s Festival(s) season.  Naturally, Sarge and I left town.  We loaded my lap up with the box of wedding invitations, balanced my Dad’s birthday present on top of the box and went...

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Getting Out Of Dodge

Today is the last day of Dad’s cancer treatment! It’s also his birthday tomorrow. To celebrate, we are bringing him our wedding invitations. So he can write them out. Because my Dad has the best handwriting of anyone...

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