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Listen To Me Anyway

12th June 2018

A few months ago, I was on a self-care kick. I bought three mindfulness magazines made from recycled paper, and a candle that smells of books. This was it.  I was going to read through the magazines with the candle going.  I was going to learn how to relax, and maybe even get some sleep. And yet. The magazines sit unread in various corners and different piles.  The candle is still sealed. I’m still not sleeping, but that’s OK.  I’ve…

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Humor Travel Writing

Getting Lost and Found in London

8th June 2018

‘I only give Purple Monkey to people I love.  So here.’ Isla shoved the aptly-named purple monkey in my face.  This recentish favorite creature was rescued from an otherwise depressing trip a safari park, back when Pokemon Go was still a thing. Purple Monkey follows Isla wherever she goes, every second Tuesday. I felt quite special when Isla decided I could take PM to The Bloggers Bash. We’d been at Dad’s for a barbecue.  With no marshmallows.  Made no sense,…

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Ragtag Daily Prompt: Sitcom

5th June 2018

Right so, I realise I need to write some longer posts, like the London part of my recent London trip. However, life has been strange lately.  Neil is away for a two week whatever-the-frig he does in the city office, and I MISS HIS GIANT DORK FACE. This is Tuesday of the second week, so 3 more sleeps. I am passing the time by eating Ben & Jerrys, taking Isla to a dinosaur museum type thing, begging her to stop…

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Ragtag Daily Prompt

31st May 2018

Sometimes, however much we want to write, words are hard to come by. On days and weeks like this, I’ve been known to turn to writing prompts. It just so happens that the Daily Prompt from WordPress is shutting down. How inconvenient. But wait. I’ve found myself teamed up with a group of bloggers who plan to keep the daily prompts going. Check out this post from Curious Steph for more info and the list of prompters. You’ll notice I’m…

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Sharing The Love Writing

Blogging Is Supposed To Be Fun

22nd May 2018

Over the weekend, I met a bunch of groovy people, drank a lot, saw Deadpool 2, kissed my husband at the top of the London Eye. And snagged Second Best Overall Blogger at the Annual Bloggers Bash. I clapped for myself like a seal, and rumors of my ambivalence/sore loser status have been greatly exaggerated. First, I want to thank anyone who nominated or voted for Gin & Lemonade .  This giant, global blogging community is a wonderful thing, and…

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