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Coffee Talk

My Dear Aunt Lucy

11th June 2018

And so, I was quiet the last few weeks because I had no words. My Aunt Lucy died, and then it was her funeral. And I really wish teleporters were already a thing. I received word of her death on the way back from dropping Neil off at the ferry for his two weeks in the office. My Isla asked me, I swear, if I was crying ‘because Aunt Lucy’s in heaven.  Can we call her up?’ Kinda sorta. And…

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Coffee Talk Writing

Blogging Is Like A Cup of Coffee

2nd May 2018

Most of my friends live nowhere near me.  This situation is amplified a thousand times when Neil is away for work. He’s not in the army.  He doesn’t work on a boat.  He’s a software engineer.  And working from home requires some city office time.  Apparently. I don’t begrudge that cheeky beer with his mates or his attendance at the pub quiz. Well, maybe a little.  I’m really good at pub quizzes. My point is.  I miss him. The day…

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Coffee Talk Sharing The Love

That Time I Wore My Heart On My Blog

29th April 2018

Just in case you haven’t spent your vote for the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards, I thought I’d let you know what a vote for Gin & Lemonade would mean to me. Have I mentioned it would mean a lot?  Like a lot, a lot? Now, I’m a writer anyway, I would be honest, anyway.  But to be recognised for my honest writing on this blog, would honestly be fucking excellent. I’m going to put some of my personal favorite posts…

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Coffee Talk Humor Life

7.5 Recent Writing Excuses

13th April 2018

And so I’ve sat down to write another post several times this week. This is what happens the second before I start to write, and therefore get no writing done: Excuse 1: The phone rings. Mom/Dad: Whatcha doing? Me: Writing. Mom/Dad: You should write more about ME! Me: OK, are you sure you guys hate each other? Because Mom/Dad said the same thing. Excuse 2. My massage therapist arrives for what I like to call my monthly maintenance.  Even though I…

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Coffee Talk Sharing The Love

The One With The Award Nomination

6th April 2018

I’m excited, honoured and a little freaked out to announce the voting is open for The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards and Gin & Lemonade is up for Best Overall Blogger.   I don’t know who nominated me, but I will find you and I will tackle-hug you. I’ve been writing this blog for years, and it means a lot that I’m up for this award, with so many other great blogger friends. Voting is through this link, and it would…

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