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Awesome Books for 4 Year Olds

10th December 2018

My four year old has read more than me this year.  And 4 is a weird age thing.  They’re not babies anymore, but they’re not really independent readers. The picture books need to have a lot going on, and all the squirrels in their brains might be leaning towards chapter books, with a lot going on, but not so much they switch off. A reader recently asked me for a list of Isla-approved books.  I’m not an expert in the…

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An Update On The Book Hoard

27th November 2018

I’ve read a few things about book hoarding recently. There’s even a Japanese word for it. I love books. I have triple-stacked shelves lining two living-room walls, a stack on my Grandmother’s mail table that now lives in my kitchen, and two stacks on my own kitchen table. There’s a bunch in my bedroom I should be reading, and 852 books on my Kindle. I don’t have a problem. OK, I do. Time to read them. I should make more…

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Books Coffee Talk

If We Were Having Coffee In A Bookshop In Real Life

6th October 2018

If we were having coffee, I’d say it’s Bookshop Day here in the UK. There are no real accessible bookshops around here so I wanted to do something different today. Please share a link to your favorite indie bookstore, or a bookish post on your blog, or a book you’re reading, or one you wrote, or a binge-worthy blog post (about anything) you want to share. Imagine comfy seats, being surrounded by stacks of books, time with your best friends,…

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Book Tour: The Caseroom

27th August 2018

While on holiday (kinda) in Edinburgh, I read a book set in Edinburgh.  I like it when my city matches what I’m reading.  I received a copy of this book from Loves Books Group Tours and took it with me on our road trip. This book is a family saga set in the late 19th century and centres on the print industry during that period. Book synopsis: Set in the thick of workers lives in Edinburgh’s thriving print industry, The…

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