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Gin & Lemonade’s 6K Blog Party!

13th July 2018

Happy Friday, groovy people! I promised you a blog party when I reached 6,000 readers here at Gin & Lemonade. And so, overnight I seem to have ticked over to 6,003. Thank you! That means we party! Please leave a link to your blog and fave social media hangout in the comments so we can mix and mingle. Introduce yourself, talk to each other and check out other people’s blogs. You might find your new best blog friend! Before you…

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Coffee Talk Sharing The Love

Blogging & A Beverage

2nd July 2018

And so, hello.  Regular readers will know I’ve been blogging for a while. In the last 18 months, I’ve taken blogging more seriously and also had more fun with it. I’ve been thinking of ways to boost this groovy blogging community that seems to have stuck with me all these years.  (That would be you groovy people.  Hi.) Real talk time, I’ve wanted to start a blogging group on Facebook for a long time.  It’s my favorite social media platform,…

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Sharing The Love Writing

Blogging Is Supposed To Be Fun

22nd May 2018

Over the weekend, I met a bunch of groovy people, drank a lot, saw Deadpool 2, kissed my husband at the top of the London Eye. And snagged Second Best Overall Blogger at the Annual Bloggers Bash. I clapped for myself like a seal, and rumors of my ambivalence/sore loser status have been greatly exaggerated. First, I want to thank anyone who nominated or voted for Gin & Lemonade .  This giant, global blogging community is a wonderful thing, and…

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Books Reading Sharing The Love

What I’m Reading, Catching Up, & A New Look!

16th May 2018

First, if you’re reading this in your email (Hi.  And thank you) please click through to the actual post.  You will see that your Gin & Lemonade has been refreshed! I’m now using the Rosemary theme.  Because I love it and it kind of goes with gin, no?  Yes.  Let’s go with yes. I’m working with a very patient web designer (who I’m hoping to link to later, stay tuned!) Let me tell you how I got here. I wanted…

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Sharing The Love

This Or That: Who Knew?

6th May 2018

And so, I have a wordy post coming up and I need to catch up on the promised book giveaway.  However, life and computer issues sometimes makes full sentences hard to finish. I was tagged in This or That by Sonia at Losing The Plot.   Here we go (Hyperlinks lead to longer stories)… Dog or Cat? Humans.  And that one cat. Netflix or YouTube? Netflix and BookTube Phone Call or Text? Text Toast or Eggs? Eggs.  In a cake.…

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