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The Bookshelves Are Concerned

11th January 2016

Before I moved in with Neil, I lived in six apartments over five years. Several of my landlords used my rent to pay for ski trips instead of their mortgages. Because that’s a thing. Anyway, there was legal stuff that had nothing to do with me. Except I had to move a lot, and with each new place I unpacked less and less. When Neil and I met, I was down to my cat and my bookshelves. He bought me…

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Sharing Is Caring

27th December 2015

And so.  Happy 18 months to my sweet, funny, already-geeky girl, Isla Madelyn. This afternoon, I found myself sitting with a bag of ice on my foot.  The kid throws a mean sippy-cup.  And then she came up and stole a piece of ice for her teeth. Sharing is caring. Here she is inspecting some of her Christmas haul. Complete with Christmas penguin deely-boopers. And here she is decorating her Daddy’s beard. Hope you’ve all had a great few days,…

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Nostalgia and Beards

7th August 2013

While visiting Dad and Anne for Dad’s birthday, I spotted a basket of Polaroids, kind of electric in the corner.  ‘Oooh, photos!’ I said. Now.  I have always known that nostalgia is an actual condition.  I embrace it.  I use the ache for old times to spur me on every day.  My past helps me live in the present. I’ve been feeling particularly nostalgic recently, more than the sparks that happen all the time, anyway. Sitting there on Monday morning,…

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I Blame Texas. But Not Really.

4th September 2012

I like music.  I love music.  I greatly esteem music.  The first site I crank up on any given morning is  (Spotify has too many ads.)  Even before facebook.  Or real-life coffee.  That’s big. While my musical taste is kind of eclectic, my first music-love is country.  I love it down to the ground.  Or the red dirt road. I know it isn’t cool to admit to liking country.  At least for me, growing halfway up on Long Island,…

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