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Coffee & Camp NaNoWriMo

23rd June 2018

If we were having coffee, I’d say that Isla’s 4th birthday is next week!  Regular readers might remember her third birthday. Let’s hope we can contain the balloons this year. Speaking of coffee, check out this thing of beauty from Toast Coffeehouse.  I miss the old country and wish they delivered.  Or, I’d just like to see my friends again.  That would work. Speaking of friends, Katie from Fatty McCupcakes will be visiting me as part of her UK tour.…

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Sharing The Love Writing

Blogging Is Supposed To Be Fun

22nd May 2018

Over the weekend, I met a bunch of groovy people, drank a lot, saw Deadpool 2, kissed my husband at the top of the London Eye. And snagged Second Best Overall Blogger at the Annual Bloggers Bash. I clapped for myself like a seal, and rumors of my ambivalence/sore loser status have been greatly exaggerated. First, I want to thank anyone who nominated or voted for Gin & Lemonade .  This giant, global blogging community is a wonderful thing, and…

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Sharing The Love

This Or That: Who Knew?

6th May 2018

And so, I have a wordy post coming up and I need to catch up on the promised book giveaway.  However, life and computer issues sometimes makes full sentences hard to finish. I was tagged in This or That by Sonia at Losing The Plot.   Here we go (Hyperlinks lead to longer stories)… Dog or Cat? Humans.  And that one cat. Netflix or YouTube? Netflix and BookTube Phone Call or Text? Text Toast or Eggs? Eggs.  In a cake.…

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Coffee Talk Writing

Blogging Is Like A Cup of Coffee

2nd May 2018

Most of my friends live nowhere near me.  This situation is amplified a thousand times when Neil is away for work. He’s not in the army.  He doesn’t work on a boat.  He’s a software engineer.  And working from home requires some city office time.  Apparently. I don’t begrudge that cheeky beer with his mates or his attendance at the pub quiz. Well, maybe a little.  I’m really good at pub quizzes. My point is.  I miss him. The day…

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Coffee Talk Sharing The Love

That Time I Wore My Heart On My Blog

29th April 2018

Just in case you haven’t spent your vote for the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards, I thought I’d let you know what a vote for Gin & Lemonade would mean to me. Have I mentioned it would mean a lot?  Like a lot, a lot? Now, I’m a writer anyway, I would be honest, anyway.  But to be recognised for my honest writing on this blog, would honestly be fucking excellent. I’m going to put some of my personal favorite posts…

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