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One Year Ago Today

1st December 2010

This time last year, I was moving into my fifth flat in Glasgow.  I’d lived there since 2006 and had five addresses. The reason I moved so much wasn’t because I’m fickle.  It was because two of my five landlords neglected to pay the mortgages on the flats I occupied.  And the secure places had lifts that liked to break down when I needed to go to work, or on nights I had tickets for concerts.  During one particular breakdown…

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You talkin' to me?

5th October 2010

I went to an interview type thing today.  This involved wearing something that isn’t a sweatshirt and getting on the bus. Now, regular readers will know that I am newish to this city.  And not the best with directions.  I travel with people so I don’t get lost.  I choose not to get lost.  I choose to have a PA, or Sarge, with me when I don’t know where I’m going, or even when I do. I do go places…

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Which way did they go, George?

4th September 2010

I met Sarge on his lunch break yesterday.  For lunch.  It felt quite decadent, eating at a restaurant in the middle of the afternoon, while not being on holiday. I might not be on holiday, but I still don’t know where the hell I am half the time.  Geographically/directionally speaking, of course.  This isn’t because I’m new to the city.  I lived in Glasgow for more than four years, in the same neighbourhood for nearly three of those, and I…

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