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Coffee & a Visit

Hello!  How’s the week treated you?  I hope you’re all good, but even if you’re not, let’s put the world to rights. If we were were having coffee show you my favourite picture from this week. Isla decided...

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Every Day

Sorry I missed this #DPPMomsDay twitter chat with Disabled Parenting Project. Bookmarking it here to catch up and share! https://twitter.com/hashtag/DPPMomsDay?src=hash My own adventures in parenting can be found here, and here....

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Sometimes, It Hurts.

And so, after painting all the pictures and doing all the puzzles, Isla and I went out. We’ve paved around the house so we can have races and stuff, so there’s that. But we live on a hill. ‘Go over the stones...

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Cheese Crackers & Jelly

How many mothers with CP (some would call ourselves spaz hands) does it take to rip jelly blocks and then remove the set jelly from jelly molds? One.  And today, that one is me. And this is what it looks like when your kid...

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