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2nd January 2018

Today is day 793 of chocolate and chips (as in crisps as in chips).  I’ve sent Neil to the shops for vegetables and vitamins.  Hi. I guess this is my 2018 resolutions post, but they only last for a week around here.  So lets  call them goals. In this post I’m going to set out my goals and the tools I’m going to use to achieve them.  I hope the stuff I’m using is useful to you, too. Space. I need…

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This Is What We're Going to Do

1st February 2016

And so, I said yesterday  all the days that I want to write more. This is how I’m going to do it. Write 500-1,000 words a day.  Fiction or non-fiction.  Story or essay. Read a book a week.  Doing Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge to help with this. Although, I really don’t need any help with this one! Write/Draft one complete short story a week.  From a prompt or my, um, archives.  Open to story sparks, if you’d care to…

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