Cover of "3 AM Epiphany"

Cover of 3 AM Epiphany

I now write for the groovy Limebird Writers, and my first post as LimeBird Lorna is now live!  Go check it out here, or here:


I find inspiration everywhere, but sometimes I need a little push.  On slow days, I go to these books for a prompt, a spark, or some words on the craft:


The Writer’s Block – I truly love this thing.  We go back a long way and we’ve been through a lot.  This little book is coffee-stained, highlighted, dented and loved.


3 AM Epiphany – In my mind, this book makes you write outside the box.  Interesting prompts with word limits prove that less usually leads to more.


The Writer’s Idea Book – This book uses personal prompts and other prompts in order for you to get words on a page then re-write them.


The Art of Writing Fiction – This is a new one on me, but very useful.  My favourite at the moment.


So, those are on my writing shelf at home.  I also have a teeny tiny copy of Writing Down the Bones, but it’s too tiny to read, so I haven’t.  And while I did go through a morning pages phase, The Artist’s Way is not my favourite thing.


When I’m stalling, I also read my favourite authors, and I have a thing for first novels.


What writing books do you read?

Where do you find inspiration?


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