In an effort to get a little closer to the dream described in this post, I’m going back to school.  Well, I’m not actually going anywhere.  The course is online.  But I will be reading, studying, using highlighters, making notes, writing essays, drinking coffee and possibly pulling my hair out like any other student.  The difference is, I can do it all in my pajamas.

I will carry this through to certification, but it remains to be seen whether or not I’ll do the whole thing online.  I know I’ll have to get dressed at some point, unless I want to be one of those therapists that specialise in cuddle parties.  Which I don’t.

But for now, I’ll be doing an Introduction to Counselling course with the Open University.  In my house.

Now.  This is third time I  will be going for a degree/that damn piece of paper.

The first time, I had too much fun and the second time was no fun at all.  Well, maybe once or twice.

Safe to say, I wasn’t ready and my experiences back then will eventually make me a better counsellor when I get to be one.

Moving on.

Since I plan to succeed this time, I need a plan.

I got my course materials last week and since then I’ve been thinking about a few things.

I need a study space.  We live above a bus stop on a loud street.  Maybe because I’m older now, I can’t concentrate with noise happening.  I’ll be moving Hemingway into the office.  I may not have to leave the house, but it will be good for me to leave the livingroom.  It’s still noisy in the office, but less so than in the livingroom.

I need supplies.   Like highlighters and fresh notebooks and cheerful little post-its.  And Doritos.

I was recently on the phone with a friend from Uni number 1.  She is also going back to studying and she  asked me this, ‘Shit, do we need pencil cases?’  Maybe.  Maybe we do.

It really helps to have a super-supportive Senior Software geek fiancé.  Sarge has offered to get me noise-cancelling headphones, start me off with a new distraction-free user account on Hemingway and keep me in Zombie Coffee.  He is the best.

I need to stop being so hard on myself.  My Dad told me so last week.  So what if I’ve done this before?  The point is, I’m going to do it differently this time.  Dad is also the best.

No more feeding red goats.  This happened this morning:

Sarge:  What are you doing?

Me:  I’m reading.

Sarge:  Facebook just told me you fed a red goat.

Me:  I can multitask.

But seriously, no more robbing warehouses in Chicago, baking four pizzas in the brick oven, feeding red goats or any other Facebook game ‘action’.  Or at least less of it (see item three on this list).

There.  I’ve put it on paper/screen.  If I do/don’t do these things, I will be a success.  Now, I need to find a pencil case.

Are you/have you gone back to studying after a long break?  What helped you through?

Like this one.

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