And so, (more than) a few days ago, I might have mentioned a new post tomorrow.  Tomorrow is today.  Since my last post, I’ve been trying to get myself a job.  And now I have one.  It’s a temp job, but it’s a mighty nifty one.

I start on Monday.  The journey has been an interesting one.  On the day of my phone interview, I camped by the phone, practicing my phone voice by well, talking to myself.

You know when you’re staring at the phone, and it doesn’t ring?  And you might go on Facebook and feed some red goats and then watch Judge Judy, and it still doesn’t ring.  And you think:  maybe it’s not working?

But it has to be.  On the one day you are expecting a call from someone who isn’t either of your parents, of course it’s working.  And then you check it , just to be sure.  And it ISN’T WORKING?  Yep.  That happened.  And the phone interview happened the next day.

After the interview, I phoned my mother.

‘Hello, it’s me.’


‘Who else is me?’

‘I didn’t recognise your voice.’

‘That’s my work voice.’

‘How nice.’

The phone interview, once it happened, was successful.  The next stage was a (really long) second interview day.  Somewhere between the tech test and the competency-based interview questions, I got stuck in the bathroom, the wheels wedged between the door and the ‘accessible’ stall that actually wasn’t.  I got in, so I got out again, by driving backwards.

The last time I got stuck in a bathroom, I got free beer.  This time, I got a job.  Although, I like to think I got it on my own merits, my skills outside the bathroom.

I’m enjoying my last days of freedom by reading books, writing one and watching daytime TV while I still can.  Of course, yesterday would be the day I realised that Ellen airs here.  I wish I’d known this months ago.  I could have danced through unemployment.

Speaking of being understood, and Ellen, here’s a clip of The Accent Game.  Note what Meryl says about the hat:

Happy Tenuous Link Friday, people!

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