The only shopping I like is book shopping.

I buy myself new clothes about once every 3 years, I don’t follow trends, and malls are not my happy place.  Unless we’re talking books, coffee, or movies.

And today I want to talk about clothes.

After we booked THE TRIP, I got excited for a bunch of reasons.  One was the chance to shop in stores that carried clothes in my size that I would actually wear.

But then I realised I might need a shopping trip before I went shopping.  I looked in my closet and saw the same clothes I bought on our last trip, and the trip before that.    And some sweatshirts I’ve had since I was 12 years old.

All of my shopping recently has been for Isla, so anything I want to get has to somehow magically appear in the 10 minutes before there’s a melt-down.  Mine, not hers.  Since I don’t find shopping a relaxing experience,  the last thing I want to do on a shopping trip is shop for myself.  Unless it’s books.

However.  Last week I found myself in Inverness.  Without Isla.  I figured it would be a good time to get stuff to put in the suitcase for the trip.  Y’know, the one that should be light, but not actually empty.

I managed to get some stuff.  Stuff to wear.  On my body.

My friend and I were in and out in two hours.  With no melt-downs from yours truly.

I thought I’d share my tips and tricks for shopping when you don’t like to shop.

These might be old news to some of you, but I don’t care, but I’m just really excited  somewhat pleased to share these tips with you.

Have a plan.  Go in knowing what you need.  Otherwise you’ll come out with candles.

Don’t go in hangry.  Because that’s a real thing.  Bring a friend to throw chocolate at you and back away slowly.

Wear the kind of clothes you want to get.  Because you won’t be in the mood to buy summer clothes while wearing a sweater.

Wax your face.  And don’t leave the house without tearing the strips off first.  Bonus points if you’re a woman.

Wear what my Mom calls a ‘good bra’.  Because you can’t fit four boobs into one blouse.  Bonus points if you’re a dude.  And what the shit is a blouse, anyway?

Race yourself.  I got in and out in under two hours.  These were my rules:  No shopping for anyone else, bright stuff only, and when in doubt, get it.

and finally:

Reward yourself.  Perhaps with a nice salad cheeseburger on the way home.


The cheeseburger I had was less photogenic Photo by Yanko Peyankov on Unsplash


P.S.  Of course, you could shop online, but stuff would have to arrive before you needed it.  Because, y’know, that would actually be useful.

What works for you? 



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