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25 Bookish Things About Me

 I am a flippant reader.  As soon as I read about a book that intrigues me, I MUST READ IT RIGHT NOW.  This leads to lots of piles.  Of books in various stages of readedness.  If a book grips me enough not to read anything else...

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25 Things About Me

I was born in Dallas, TX I grew half-way up on Long Island, NY. I wrote my first short story about a family of mice when I was 7. Purple is a way of life. I have CP.  It’s not a BFD.  But sometimes it sucks. I’m 36....

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Around Here

And so, Isla is nearly two.  I’m finding this harder to deal with than last year.  But I’m hoping she’ll let me share her cake.  That’ll help, yeah? In related news, Neil and I recently celebrated three...

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Worthy of Note

1. Neil and I went furniture shopping in Inverness over the weekend. We decided on, and ordered stuff that does not come from Ikea. 1b. We only needed one do-over. 1c. We are still married. 2. We’re still not online in the...

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Goals For 2016

Part of the re-vamp of this blog will be me participating more regularly in memes, blog-hops and other social blogging projects that I like/make sense to me/want to share with others. One of those such things is Top Ten Tuesday...

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10 Things You Can Do In The Dark

Let’s say there’s a power-cut.  In the middle of the day.  This day is particularly overcast and spooky, with little or no natural light.  You know, like April.  You are either home from work or you don’t have...

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7 Ways To Become A Cliche

I think I might be one.  If you think you are too, here are the warning signs: Your job is all you can talk about.  Until you become a boring stresshead to your friends.  You know, the people who knew you before you got the...

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