And so, I’ve been thinking of a P.S. to add to yesterday’s post.  I know I’m not the only person out there who deals with access issues.

Here are some things I’ve actually said to people who own businesses that are kindasortamaybe or completely inaccessible.

Try these next time you’re out:

Could you please remove the bucket/sandwich-board/freaky-looking naked mannequin.  It’s a toilet, not a bin.

No, dude.  I just use it for the parking.

Thank you for putting us to the absolute back of your fine establishment.

But what if I like being a fire hazard?

Because it’s the law, you asshole.

One more question gets an invoice.

A lift does not accessible make.

Contact your local Access Panel.

Touch my head, I’ll break your face.

Hold my beer.

When you say, ‘you people’, do you mean like, Americans?

I’ll just take my money elsewhere.








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